Our Attentive Care for Your Kids

Attending to your children’s dental health requires gentleness and compassion. We keep our office environment a happy place to visit, so children enjoy coming to their appointments. We use the latest and most advanced treatment methods that mean less time in the dental chair, making it easier for children, and take the time to show them how to properly brush and floss. The importance of good daily hygiene to keep their permanent teeth for a lifetime is the focus of our visits. We enjoy your child’s first visit at age three and every year after that. Parents have been very pleased to calm a scared child or keep an active one still for effective, fun visits.

Our Dentists Care for Your Children’s Health Just As Their Pediatrician Does

We want children to have the best dental health to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. As their teeth tend to develop cavities more easily than adults’ teeth, we emphasize the importance of proper cleaning every day. Until they develop good habits in caring for their teeth, we encourage parents to participate while they brush and floss.

One of the reasons children develop cavities so easily is because of eating throughout the day, referred to as grazing. Every time food is chewed, acid is produced in the mouth. If teeth are not cleaned properly each day, the acid will bathe the teeth. Sticky plaque develops and eventually hardens into tartar. Once this happens, it is beyond getting the teeth clean with a toothbrush. As more food is eaten, more acid is produced, allowing a greater number of cavities to develop at a faster rate. To combat this problem, we encourage thorough brushing each day, more nutritious food choices, and one application of a dental varnish. These three improvements will greatly guard against the onset of permanent damage that will necessitate a filling or crown.

A Very Effective Treatment Against Cavities

Children need added protection to guard against cavities, as their teeth are more vulnerable to decay during their formative years. There is an easy treatment that will help them keep their back teeth from developing cavities. A dental sealant can be applied and bonded to the surface of these teeth.

Here is how quick and easy the treatment is. First, the teeth are sterilized. The surfaces are now ready for one thin application of the sealant, which is clear or white and therefore invisible. It is then bonded to the surface of teeth with a curing light. And that is the entire treatment! No shots are given or drilling necessary, and no removal of tooth structure is needed. This treatment has been proven to be highly effective both for children and adolescents in maintaining their natural teeth.

Your entire family deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at 601-921-4064 to schedule a visit for everyone.