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Dental Crowns in Clinton, MS

You will likely have heard of a dental crown, but do you know what it is? Don’t worry if you don’t: we’re here to help. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what a dental crown is designed to do, what it’s made of, and the process of having one fitted.

What does it do?

Essentially, a dental crown exists to return a damaged tooth to its former shape, size, and performance. It fits on top of an existing tooth. Think of it as a cap or a cover, which sits on top of your damaged tooth. The damaged tooth will still be sitting there beneath it, but the presentation will look good. Instead of everyone seeing that you’ve got a damaged tooth in your mouth, all they’ll see is the crown, which will blend in effortlessly with the other teeth in your mouth. So now you know what the end goal of a dental crown is (to restore the presentation and function of your teeth to their former glory), let’s think about the types of problems they solve. If you’ve got a cracked or chipped tooth, then a dental crown is the perfect solution. It’ll make your tooth look whole again. Your teeth may even be fully formed still, but it’s just that it’s discolored or at a strange angle. In some cases, a dental crown can provide a protective function as well as an aesthetic improvement: this is the case when someone has had root canal treatment.

What is it made from?

Given that a dental crown typically has to perform the same function as a regular tooth, it’s important that it’s strong. That’s why they’re made out of robust materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, composite resin, or even metal. When you’re having a dental crown fitted, there’ll usually be more than one material option on the table, though your dentist will have their own recommendation. They’ll take a look at a few different factors, such as where the damaged tooth is located in the mouth, the condition of the gym, and what you’d prefer. No matter what type of material you select, it’ll be made so that it matches the color of your teeth.

What steps are involved?

The process of having a dental crown fitted couldn’t be simpler. First, the dentist will clean up your tooth and then make an impression, so that the crown is the right size when it’s made. While it’s being made, you may get a temporary crown to wear. In a couple of weeks, you’ll return to the proper crown fitted. And that’s it -- you’ll have a crown that looks amazing.

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