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Emergency Dentistry

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

An emergency dentist is one who will see you when you are suffering because of your teeth, and the pain and the cause behind that pain is so bad that it cannot wait for a standard dental appointment. An emergency dentist will offer short term solutions until a longer-term solution can be found and carried out. This is why an emergency dentist is only ever going to be the first step in dealing with your dental problems.

There are limits to what an emergency dentist can do. However, they can be extremely effective at relieving pain and at least beginning any additional procedures. Some of the work an emergency dentist can do includes:

  • Prescribing pain relief and antibiotics (in the case of an infection)
  • Extracting a single tooth, as long as the extraction is not complex
  • Installing a temporary dressing (again, on a single tooth)
  • Offering advice as to the next stage of repair or treatment
  • Referring the patient to a specialist if required

What Is A Dental Emergency?

If you’re in pain with your teeth, everything can feel like you need an emergency dentist to help you. However, some cases are more urgent than others, and there are some things that constitute an emergency. Here are some of them:

  • A loose tooth
    Adults shouldn’t, as a rule, experience loose teeth – the teeth should be fully anchored and secure. If you do have a loose tooth, you should seek the help of an emergency dentist as soon as you can. You may have experienced an injury, have an infection, or require additional dental care.
  • Severe toothache
    If you have an extremely bad toothache that means sleeping, eating, or carrying out everyday work or home duties is impossible, you should find an emergency dentist. If the toothache is minor and isn’t causing you problems in your day to day life, over the counter painkillers will help, and an appointment at your usual dentist should be fine.
  • Bleeding gums
    Sometimes bleeding gums is a sign that you are brushing your teeth too hard, or that you are using the wrong kind of toothbrush. If, however, you rectify these problems and your gums are still bleeding, it could be a sign of an infection or gum disease, so you should go to an emergency dentist.
  • Swollen jaw
    A swollen jaw can be a sign of a serious infection, and you must seek help from an emergency dentist as soon as possible. If the swelling is accompanied by trouble swallowing and a bad taste in your mouth, then you might have a salivary gland infection, for example.
  • Abscess
    A dental abscess can be incredibly painful, and it will need to be treated by an emergency dentist as soon as possible. An abscess can manifest in several different ways including pain, pus, a bad taste in the mouth, fever, and swollen glands. They can be caused by untreated cavities, gum disease, or tooth trauma.

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