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General Dentistry

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is a term used to cover a wide variety of different procedures. Most dentists will cover general dentistry, and it will take up most of their appointments, which is why, for emergency dental work, you may need to seek help from an alternative dentist to the one you would typically see.

General dentistry involves the overall care and maintenance of your teeth and oral health, including your gums. A general dentistry appointment should, ideally, be made every six months, and is an excellent preventative measure to combat further issues arising (including plague built up and gum disease).

The general dentistry appointment will begin with an initial consultation, followed by diagnostic treatment which will often include an x-ray. If any replacement teeth are required, wax molds can be made at the same time. These tests, visual and more advanced, will enable the dentist to ascertain whether any issues need to be dealt with in further detail. Otherwise, you will be given instructions on how to continue taking care of your teeth before you leave.

What Treatments Are Covered By General Dentistry?

A general dentistry appointment can cover a large number of different treatments, some of which will be able to be carried out on the same day, and others that will require an additional appointment; this will depend on the procedure needed and the dentist’s schedule. Some of the treatments that general dentistry includes are:

  • Fillings
    When there is a hole in a tooth (large or small), the nerve can become irritated, and infection can set in. A filling will prevent this from happening by literally filling the hole.
  • Crowns
    Crowns are artificial caps that are fitted on damaged, chipped, or broken teeth.
  • Bridges
    A bridge is a structure containing a false tooth (known as a ‘pontic’). This will be attached to two crowns on either side of the missing tooth to fill the gap and give a natural look.
  • Root canals
    If the pulp (the tissue) in a tooth is subject to an infection, a root canal will be carried out. This may require a specialist dentist depending on the complexity of the procedure, but can be carried out by a general dentist if it is more straightforward.
  • Denture
    Dentures are an entire set of false teeth (as opposed to a crown which is just one or a small number of false teeth).
  • Cleaning
    Understanding how to clean your teeth properly is crucial when it comes to preventative care, and a dentist will be able to offer advice on this. They will also offer a cleaning and polishing service.

Although these are considered the most common treatments that can be carried out during a general dentistry appointment, there are others, and it will depend on your dentist as to which ones can be done.

Benefits of Attending A General Dentistry Appointment

If you don’t feel there is a problem with your teeth and you’re not in pain, you may not feel there is any need to make a general dentistry appointment. However, there are many benefits to doing so that will help you.

Seeing a dentist regularly means any problems can be caught early and dealt with quickly, saving pain and potentially expense later on. Not only that but seeing your dentist every six months will ensure you are taking the right care of your teeth.

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