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When Should I Get A Root Canal in Clinton, MS?

A root canal is a method of repairing and saving a damaged tooth from extraction. If you get a root canal in Clinton, MS, your dentist will clear out the decayed area from your tooth pulp and gum, and then seal and clean the tooth. The root canal is the natural space in the center of the tooth (also known as a cavity), which contains the tooth pulp. The pulp can become infected, inflamed, or decayed, so removing this from the tooth keeps your mouth safe from disease and allows you to use your tooth as usual. So how do you know if you should get a root canal?

Sensitive Teeth

Extra tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, or pressure is a sign that you may need a root canal. If your tooth aches when you drink a coffee or consume ice, you may have an infected tooth. Whether you have a low persistent throb or ache when you put pressure on it, or sharp, intense pain, you may need to consult your dentist in Clinton, Mississippi about a root canal.

Painful Teeth Or Gums

If you are constantly in pain across your face, or deep in your tooth or jaw, it could be for several reasons. Seeing your dentist as early as possible will help with the diagnosis of the issue and the level of treatment required. You may not need a root canal, as your pain might be due to sinus problems, a damaged filling, gum disease, or an impacted tooth. Your dentist will advise whether you need a root canal in Clinton, MS, or whether antibiotics could fix the issue.

Broken Teeth

If your teeth are damaged, chipped, or cracked, the nerves that sit in the natural cavity of the tooth might become exposed. If you don’t chip or crack the tooth, but sustain an injury through biting on something hard, or through an accident, the nerve still may be damaged, and you might need a root canal treatment. Consult your dentist if you’ve sustained a tooth injury just in case the nerve is damaged, and a root canal in Clinton Mississippi is needed.

Discolored Teeth

Your teeth can become discolored for many reasons, including food staining, poor oral hygiene, or a damaged nerve. If the tooth has a grey-black color, it may be because of internal damage to the tooth. If the tooth’s root, nerves, or blood vessels are damaged, you may require root canal treatment. Your dentist will assess the damage and book you in for a root canal if required.

Swollen Gums

If the gums surrounding the painful tooth are swollen, sore, or tender to touch, it may be because of an infected or damaged tooth. Swollen gums may also be a sign of gum disease or poor dental hygiene. Your dentist will advise on what is causing the problem and advise on if you need root canal treatment in Clinton, MS.

At Northside Dental Group, we regularly perform root canal treatments for our patients. If you’ve got a painful or sensitive tooth, contact us for advice or to book your appointment today.

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