Are you missing a tooth or multiple teeth? If so, it’s time to start seriously considering dental replacement options. Did you know that waiting to replace missing teeth can have a lot of negative side effects? If you don’t replace your missing teeth you could experience bone loss, gum disease, and even facial sagging or changing. So what kind of dental options are out there?

Dental Replacement Options

Some common dental replacement options include removable partial dentures, removable complete dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. The kind of replacement option you choose will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and personal preference.

Removable Dentures

Dentures come in all shapes and sizes. They are great for improving the appearance and basic chewing needs. However, they aren’t as durable or long-lasting as the dental implant.

Dental Implants in Clinton

If you’d like a long term, natural-looking tooth replacement option, then dental implants in Clinton are the solution for you. Dental implants are false teeth that can be placed directly into your skull or jaw bone. A small incision can be made in your gum tissue and a false root can be placed into your bone. Once it’s healed a false tooth can be placed on top and it will look and function just like your natural teeth.

Some of the benefits of dental implants include keeping you from experiencing bone loss, protecting you from gum disease and sores that often come from removable denture options. They look and feel like regular teeth and can last a lifetime when cared for properly. Northside Dental even does dental implant restoration for those who have dental implants in need of some upkeep.

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