Dental Implants Give You a Complete Smile

Whatever the reasons you have missing teeth, dental implants are a permanent solution for all the problems they can cause. They look very natural, as they come up through the gums just like real teeth do. The new “tooth” is placed over a titanium post inserted into your dental arch (either here in our office or by an oral surgeon we trust). Whether you have lost teeth in the front or back of your mouth, implants will provide an adequate replacement for chewing and give you a beautiful smile. Dental implants are also a solution for denture wearers. Implants will release you from the worries of slipping and tilting and allow you to eat whatever foods you choose. No longer will you have to take your dentures out at night.

Overdentures Eliminate Annoying Problems

We stay on the cutting edge of developments in dental technology and are very proud to bring denture wearers a solution to the frustrations they may have. Overdentures are a great advancement that locks dentures into place using just a few implants. This means no more slipping and tilting that causes embarrassment when eating or speaking. If you have tried denture adhesives and have been very disappointed, as it simply doesn’t hold your dentures in place, you will be very pleased with this alternative solution. Come in and let us discuss with you how we can make your life easier with overdentures.

Dentures That Fit Securely

We offer options in our dental services to take care of each individual’s needs. What is suitable for one person may not be the best option for another patient. Traditional dentures may be the right answer for some patients. You will be pleased to know that our doctors design dentures that fit like they should and won’t slip when eating. We can now anchor the denture plate snugly in your mouth to prevent the hassles of dentures that don’t stay in place. Be sure to ask us what we can do to make your life much easier.

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